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Monday, October 16, 2006

Saviour God-Scientific Allah Breakfast Nachos

Eggs - 1.5 to 2 large eggs per person recommended
Loose Sausage - one tube, spicy, optional.
Corn chips - one bag
White cheese - queso fresco recommended
Refried beans - medium sized can
Salsa and/or taco sauce
Spices - see below
Olives - black and green
Whatever else you like in nachos
I hope you're hungry!

On the morning of Thursday, April 20th, 2006, a 15-month-old toddler named Saviour God-Scientific Allah fell to his death from a seventh-story window of a high-rise apartment building in Southfield (near Detroit), Michigan. The child was the son of Jennifer Holmes and Andrew Pitts, who were purportedly in the apartment during the mishap, along with five other children and one other adult.

Basically, breakfast nachos are similar to regular nachos, but with eggs instead of meat. The key to success is in the preparation of the eggs. I like to scramble them with milk and various spices including: cilantro, salt, pepper, chili powder, powdered chipotle pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, green tabasco sauce, and dried onions. This is basically a scaled-down and Mexicanized version of my regular style of scrambled eggs, the recipe for which I may share with you if you're good. Cook them until they're fairly solid but not hard. Meanwhile, heat up the beans but not all the way.

Make a layer of corn chips on a large plate, then cover with beans, then a thin layer or pieces of the scrambled eggs, and sprinkle on the sauces and dicings of the aforementioned produce. Cover all this with a layer of grated or diced cheese. You can make two layers like this, or just one, depending on how thick you made the first layer or how many ingredients you have left over. I prefer to leave the tomatoes and avocados separate, then add them to the finished product at the end (they don't cook well).

Preheat the oven to about 350 F. Meanwhile, nuke the nachos for a few minutes, just to get everything warm inside. Then bake at 350 for 5 or 10 minutes to restore some of the crispiness that the microwave took away. Ready to serve!

The death was officially ruled an accident. Supposedly, the toddler was being supervised by either one or two 7-year-old children in the bedroom (news accounts differ), and had to be retrieved from the windowsill at least once prior to the fall. According to one story, the child in charge of supervision went to tell the parents about Saviour climbing on the sill, and when he returned, Saviour was gone, along with the window screen.

You might be wondering what to do with the sausage. I invented the recipe during Lent 2006, which ended on Easter Sunday, April 16th, a few days before the demise of Saviour God-Scientific Allah. During the '06 Lenten season, I gave up meat. During this time, with the help of Mrs. Bruck, I explored and invented all kinds of ways to take in high-calorie, high-fat meals without substantial sacrifice on the part of any member of the animal kingdom. There are a number of things that can substitute for meat, as long as you calibrate your expectations appropriately. Among them are eggs, textured vegetable protein, falafel, and tofu. So breakfast nachos were one of the Lenten inventions, and sausage was not an original part of them. However, following the end of Lent and my return to carnivorous ways, I tried the recipe with sausage. It added a dimension, but like I say, it's optional. If you do choose to use sausage, fry it up first, breaking it in small pieces, then cook the eggs in the sausage grease, and add the loose sausage to the nacho layers along with the eggs.

Shortly after their tragic loss, the parents filed a $50M lawsuit against the apartment managers for negligence, claiming that repeated attempts to get the management to fix the screen had failed, and the toddler's death resulted. The management claimed that all windows and screens in the building had locks and were up to code. I don't have any more information on the lawsuit, but my general sense of the public opinion at that time is that the parents were to blame due to improper supervision, and filing a lawsuit made them look even more inept and irresponsible.

Pitts was quoted in the (Royal Oak, Michigan) Daily Tribune: "I look at my baby as being my Almighty, my Lord and Savior. I want my son back. Anger ain't going to bring him back."

So a couple of weeks after the invention of the superbly tasty and satisfying breakfast nachos, Mrs. Bruck was musing on how good they had been. "What should we call them?" she asked.
Bruck's reply: "Well, the name Saviour God-Scientific Allah is no longer in use."


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