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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sailing Lake Superior - An Update

The father of Bruck (FOB) just finished having some fiberglas repair work done on the hull of his CL-16 sailboat, the one used for his nautical exploits highlighted in the spellbinding VOB dispatch Taming Lake Superior. The mother of Bruck (MOB) suggested that he get the hull painted as well, to cover up the unsightly patches. "Why don't get get a message painted on the bottom," I offered, "something that can be read from the air?"

"Yes, how about SOS?" added the MOB.

"Har-de-har-har," his rejoinder.

Anyway, I offer the story below in the interest of full disclosure: the FOB is not the only one who has trouble with the fickle winds of Lake Superior. The story below is from an e-mail from Carolyn, friend of father of Bruck (FOFOB) to the FOB, relating her adventures in a boat piloted by Chris (husband of Chris), a sailing buddy of the FOB. Please note that the FOB had absolutely nothing to do with the following sailing mishap.

I was walking down the beach minding my own business and Chris and Chris were waiting for friends to take sailing. While they were waiting Chris asked me if I would like to go for a quick sail while Chris waited to hear from their friends. I questioned whether or not it was the best sailing conditions, because the wind was coming from the southwest and gusting every which way. Chris said no problem. We were having a pretty good time when Chris noticed people on shore and said we better head back. The wind died as we neared shore so he jumped out to pull us in. Only problem was that the water was too deep and a gust of wind came and shot me out toward the middle of the bay. Chris started yelling "stay with the boat" (like where did he think I would go). Next it was "take down the sails", then "I'll come and get you". He first started out in a kyak. I was waving good bye to everyone at this point. Chris and Chris finally found keys to a jet ski and rescued me. I am determined to learn to sail next summer so I can make it back to shore by myself!

As in the previous dispatch, I would respectfully recommend Chinese Checkers.


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